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2018/2019 (Ongoing) reviews and recommends the best products on the market. Our typical review page consists of the top 5 products in each category, with in-depth product knowledge throughout. But what happens when a consumer is looking for a much more personalized experience? We developed a questionnaire-style product recommendation for certain products, and the data proved this style review was creating more revenue. I re-designed our original questionnaire, and we performed several A/B tests using different techniques and layouts for questions.

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BestReviews simplifies the consumer’s purchasing experience by narrowing down huge product categories into the top 5 product choices. We designed a “matrix” or chart, that breaks down the pros, cons, and “bottom line” for each of the 5 choices so that the user can easily and quickly compare and contrast. However, our product categories in the past few years have greatly expanded, and this “matrix” idea sometimes doesn’t work for ALL product categories. What if the user is in the market to purchase a TV, but the space they have in their living room will only hold a TV that is less than 32”, and our top recommendations are all larger TVs? That makes our product review page completely irrelevant to that user.

The Problem

Not all of our product recommendation pages can apply to all consumers for all situations.

The Solution

To create a more personalized product recommendation experience for the consumer.

The Questionnaire/wizard

I designed this questionnaire that would act as an alternative to the product matrix. When a user lands on one of our relevant pages, the product questionnaire will appear, with the option to opt-out if they aren’t interested. The questionnaire has been designed to handle a variety of different question-scenarios, such as just choosing one answer vs. filling out check boxes to several answers. At the bottom of the questionnaire portal, there is sometimes an “info” section that explains what certain terms mean or to help the user understand why this question is important. Below is an example of the process of the questionnaire.


question 1

This module is what first appears when landing on the “Best Air Fryers” review page. You have the option to skip the quiz to read the normal review, or go on to take the quiz after answering the first question.


series of questions

The questionnaire then continues asking a series of product-specific and category-specific questions in order to come up with a personalized recommendation.



After answering the last question, an animation begins transitioning through many different product types as it analyzes the data it just received.



After about 15 seconds of analyzing, the results page is revealed with a specific product recommendation based on the consumer’s preferences.


user research

After launching the initial test product and testing on users for several weeks, members of our product team conducted user-research to understand more in-depth about what users liked and disliked about the product. Some findings were content and question-related, and some were user-experience related. For example, majority of users wanted multiple options as a result instead of just being “cornered” into one result that they were unsure about. The users still wanted to do some of their own research to ensure this was the right product for them, so having 2-3 more options at the end of the questionnaire would have made them feel more confident about the result.

moving forward

Based on our recent findings and user-research, we are currently working on conducting several A/B tests with different experiences. This is an ongoing project and this page will be updated as our research and testing continues!


*Please note that this is still in beta and not a finalized product.

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