We went on a 3-day trip to Sedona in August. It was HOT; and in order for our exploring to be enjoyable, we stuck with mostly sunset hikes. Sunset hikes are my favorite anyway, so it worked out well! We stayed at the Hyatt Piñon Point, which had a beautiful pool that overlooked the red rocks. That's where we spent our days cooling off. 

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The first night we hiked to Baby Bell. It was a shorter, easier hike, but took us to an amazing, secluded view. Hardly anyone else was on the trail or at the rock, so it felt very peaceful and romantic. Some scrambling was involved to get to the top of the rock, but it was fairly easy. 


The second night we hiked to the top of Cathedral Rock. This was by far my favorite hike of the weekend and a hike I had been dying to do. We also did this at sunset, and since the side of the mountain we were on was opposite the sun, the entire climb was shaded. And it was a CLIMB. Lots of scrambling and climbing, but was fairly short at 1 mile each way, and the views at the top were absolutely worth it. Once again, since it was August and since it was later in the day, there were minimal people at the top and we had the freedom to take lots of pictures at some amazing spots without fighting crowds. This hike is a must-do when visiting Sedona in my opinion.


The last hike we did was Devil's Bridge. We did this on Sunday morning and it was definitely an interesting experience. We didn't have a high clearance vehicle so we couldn't go to the main trailhead for this hike, and instead had to park in a lot a mile or so away and take an alternative trail. However, we took the WRONG alternative trail. We ended up hiking in the wrong direction, with limited cell service. We didn't realize it was the wrong direction until about 2.5 miles in, and once we turned around and got back to our starting point, the sun was beating down on us and we were 5 miles in and running out of water. We decided to hike the 4 miles to Devil's Bridge and back because we were both anxious to see it. It was definitely a sight to see! It just took about 3 hours longer than expected! Woops :)

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