Lake Aloha via Echo Lake + Tahoe


A group of 5 of us girls camped at China Flat Campground, about 30 minutes outside of South Lake Tahoe. We arrived at the campground to set-up, and then headed to an overview by Lake Tahoe for sunset.


The next day we started our hike from Echo Lake to Lake Aloha, a 14.5 mile out-and-back hike. We started at Echo Lake around 7am. Because it was so early, Echo Lake had still waters with a stunning reflection of the mountains and trees across from it, it was beautiful!


The steepest part of the hike were the switchbacks, but compared to many other hikes I've done, this was a fairly easy part. The hardest part for me was hiking through the snow in my trail-running shoes. I wasn't expecting there to be so much snow still! Hiking poles and hiking boots would have helped a lot, but I wasn't prepared.

We arrived at Lake Aloha around time for lunch. The view at this lake was unbelievable. Snow-capped mountains in the distance, and crystal blue water in the foreground. We found a spot on a bunch of rocks to take a break and eat before taking the next 7 miles back to our cars.


14.5 miles seems like a lot, and towards the end my feet were feeling it. But the hike itself wasn't too challenging, definitely a recommended hike if you're into beautiful water and mountain views!