Curated Chaos

Eyewear design + Marketing plan
Collaborative Studio Project
Fall 2015

My team consisted of two graphic designers, two fashion designers, and one industrial designer. We collaborated to design a capsule collection of 8 pairs of sunglasses for a major eyewear company, targeted towards millennial women. We also created a marketing plan that included pop-up shops, in-store graphics, lookbooks, packaging, social media collaborations, website design, etc. All teams presented a final collection + marketing plan in front of representatives from the company, and our team was selected as the winning team in our studio.

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The Problem

‘How to capture the millennial customer’

The opportunity

Utilize the approachability of the ‘in-Vogue’ pillar to establish Vogue as a trusted and transparent brand.



Using the personas we developed (see process book), we came up with 3 subtrends for the millennial consumer.


Belonging to a thing by its very nature; The authentic and genuine outlook of millennials.
The creative, legitimate and unerring side of our generation.

Easily seen through, recognized, or detected; Honest and authentic.
Representing the unique and trustworthy connections millennials seek from brands they consume.

Boldly resisting or challenging; Rebellious, adventurous, and unyielding.
The restless and boldly unwavering facet of the millennial generation.


Curated Chaos x Vogue

The Collection

Tied together by subtle details, the CURATED CHAOS collection is a family of diverse frames spanning from eclectic, personalized forms to modern hybrid shapes. The culmination of three distinct subtrends: Intrinsic, Transparent, and Defiant, the collection captures the fashion forward essence of the Vogue brand and reinterprets it for the millennial customer. Encapsulating the multi-faceted personalities of this generation, the CURATED CHAOS collection allows the individual to choose the frame that fits their mood, activity, or lifestyle.




Pop-up Shops

CURATED CHAOS surprises customers in their environment with a bold, graphic pop up story shop. Exterior billboards catch the eye with story imagery.


In-store Displays

Phasing from flagship implementation, lower tier stores will tell the CURATED CHAOS story with in-store environmental graphics and featured displays. the goal is to maintain the unique story elements and imagery across all store tiers.


Celebration Table



CURATED CHAOS becomes the bold main feature of Vogue’s website. with streamlined e-commerce opportunities and expanded storytelling for each frame, customers are immersed in the CURATED CHAOS story.


Story Booklet

Drawing from the CURATED CHAOS lookbook, a story booklet will come with each purchase, highlighting the unique persona of the eight frames through incorporation of imagery and quotes.


Model Photography


Process and Presentation