Bush Recreation Center

Interior Graphics and Wayfinding
Collaborative Studio Project
Summer 2016

Working on a team of graphic designers, our objective was to target a social problem in the community of Walnut Hills in Cincinnati, and develop a design solution to better the community. Walnut Hills is a community surrounded by poverty and crime, and we wanted to take a proactive approach in order to prevent future crime. With this said, we decided to target the youth of Walnut Hills, to get the children and teens off the streets and into a more positive environment where they can create healthy relationships and have a more positive outlook on life. We decided to re-design the current Bush Recreation Center. This Recreation Center is essentially the only form of activity for youth in the area, but is lacking an attractive environment and therefore has very low attendance rates. By giving this building a full interior makeover, we hope to attract the youth of the area and create a space for children and teens to escape the streets and spend large amounts of time making friends, playing sports, creating art, performing dance, amongst many other activities the center provides.

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Information Module


Game Room

Art Room