BestReviews Redesigns

The mission at BestReviews is to simplify the consumer’s purchasing decisions. Our content is centered around narrowing down products to only the best on the market, explaining why they are the best, and navigating the consumer to make a purchase through one of our vendors. My job as the only designer at BestReviews is to make this experience as easy and simple as possible.

Examples of live-pages:
Best Food Processors
Best Sewing Machines
Best Kitchen Knife Sets

2018 Redesign

Homepage Redesign

The BestReviews homepage didn’t used to receive much traffic, as most of our traffic came straight from Google searches that landed the consumer on a product page. As our brand awareness efforts increased, a need for a more editorial, top-of-the-funnel styled homepage was important in order to increase repeat visitors and user-engagement.

The old design focused on what BestReviews is and navigated the user to some of our top categories. There wasn’t much top-of-the-funnel content, just mostly a means to navigate to a product page.

The new design focuses on top-of-the-funnel content in order to intrigue the user to read around different subject matter, products, and sales. The content above the fold is a lot of seasonal-based blogs and information about products based on the activities for that time of year. Below the fold goes into who BestReviews is and how we test and research our products. As our social media presence increases, we wanted to showcase YouTube and Instagram on our homepage as well. The bottom portion of the site has all our product categories and ways to navigate to our main category pages.

new homepage layout.jpg

UI Kit

I developed this UI kit to follow when designing assets for the site. These assets scale well across all parts of the UX process, from the Homepage to the Product pages across Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices.

ui kit 2.jpg

2018 Redesign

Product Page Redesign

The goal of this redesign was to create a cleaner user experience for consumers that can scale across thousands of product categories. The consumer should have a seamless experience learning about the top 5 products in our product matrix, as well as be intrigued to scroll below the matrix to engage with the deeper content, giving them confidence to not only choose the right product, but to understand the product in its' entirety.

The old design had a header image hiding behind layers of filters and text, giving the user a hard time understanding what was happening in the photo/video. The ‘Check Price’ buttons were sitting below the fold and labeled with big, bulky banners. And throughout the product page were inconsistent spacing and visual hierarchy, and large, bulky modules, creating a disjointed user experience.

The new design gives way to an unobstructed header image or video, clearly labeled title, smaller banners, “Check Price” buttons above the fold, and a space for a “Trust Statement”. We wanted a way for users to understand the BestReviews testing process and how our reviews are unbiased. This space can also be utilized for different content for future A/B tests. Below the fold sits a cleaner, deep review with smaller modules and less interruptions between paragraphs of text. This new design, with much more consistent spacing, visual hierarchy, and new and improved modules, allows these pages to scale across thousands of product categories consistently.


old design

old design mockup.jpg

new design

vs new design mock.jpg

New design

product page layout.jpg
Mobile mockups.jpg

2018 Redesign

Process Work